I smell football. Anyone else smell that? Being that this IS Pittsburgh and it IS Thursday, you should be smelling football. You know, if you are ANY kind of fan, that is.

 Just trying to get your adrenaline going. No need to thank me.

My husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary this Sunday, going to the Crosby, Stills, Nash AND Young concert, and we begin the celebrations by watching the Steelers tonight. Granted, it will be sans Big Ben, but it is still Steelers football.

I’m drooling already, and I think I saw a little dribble on the side of Mr. Wonderful’s mouth as he left the house this morning, too. It could have been me, but I think it was football related. He’s ready.

We wish the Steelers a great opening night and a spectacular season. Let’s have some fun.

Here we go Steelers …

Will Staley remain with the Steelers or is he on his way out? So far it’s anyone’s guess.

I’m surprised the guy is still healthy going into the last preseason game tonight, so my vote, you know, if I HAD a vote, would be to set him free. Better late than never.

Link of the Day: Barbaro is doing well. His latest update.

As a reminder: Mississippi, Alabama and Florida were also hit by Hurricane Katrina. I don’t hear them crying or complaining or asking for handouts a year after the event.

My point here is that the mentality in New Orleans has been one of “Gimme gimme gimme, and if you don’t gimme then you are a racist.” I think it’s time they shut up and get on with life.

Harsh? Probably, but I imagine a lot of people feel the same way.

Now that I have that off my chest I can go about the rest of my day. It is a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh.

I barely started this blog and have already moved into a new neighborhood in the Void. Go me.

I am in the process of moving the few Blogger entries I made, so if there’s trouble with viewing, let me know.

Swannblog gave me some attention early in this endeavor, so being the Good Blogger that I am I’m returning the favor. Are you interested in more Lynn Swann coverage in the gubernatorial race? Swannblog has it.

Link(s) of The Day
I just spent three minutes watching this entire video. My bet is that you will do the same thing. You can’t resist The Flusher!

In case you haven’t yet done your homework – Lynn Swann is looking damn good for Pennsylvania. He chooses to live here, is proud of his Steelers past, has an actual plan for our state and is strong when sharing the details.

Curious yet? Visit his website and learn more. And if you are wondering why we’re still waiting for actual gaming in this state, read Mr. Swann’s recent views on the issue.

Link(s) of the day:
You know you want this job.
Where the Hell is Matt?

From News of the WeirdTexas farmers about 75 miles from the Mexican border near Falfurrias have taken to installing ladders on their property to allow illegal aliens to climb over their fences in the course of trespassing so they’ll stop making holes in the fences (which allow the farmers’ cattle to escape). According to a June Associated Press report, the ladders aren’t used very much, apparently because the illegals assume there’s some catch. [Boston Herald-AP, 6-17-06]